Prevent Road Rage by Building an Apology and Gratitude Emitter

Cameron Coward
2 years ago

Unless you’ve never made a mistake in traffic before (in which case you’re a dirty liar), you’ve probably wished that you had some way to communicate an apology to your fellow commuters. Maybe you accidentally cut someone off, had to brake harder than is ideal, or almost changed lanes into another car. Whatever the case, wouldn’t it be nice if you could give a clear apology in such circumstances?

One anonymous Imgurian sure thought so—so much so that they built a device to display those apologies to other motorists. Using an eyeglasses case, they used a Raspberry Pi Zero connected to four 8x8 LED matrices to show either “Thanks!” or “My bad…” Those messages can be triggered with a pair of buttons mounted under the dashboard.

Interestingly, they used an ethernet cable to connect those buttons, and to carry power to the Raspberry Pi. That’s actually a good choice, as ethernet cables are readily available in a variety of lengths, inexpensive, and come with handy connectors. Finally, the case is mounted onto the rear window of the car using suction cups.

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