"Hangout & Nerdout" Ep. 5 on Janurary 26th Vibrates with Music

Join the next episode of Hangout & Nerdout with the Hackster and Make: teams for an exploration of music technology!

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“Hangout & Nerdout” is a virtual community meetup series co-produced by Hackster and Make:. This monthly get-together brings members of both communities together to explore technology, innovation, and education.

We’re coming into 2023 with our fifth episode on 🎶 MUSIC! Change-making, heart-breaking, and life-affirming music can carry us through every aspect of the human experience 👽. Using electronics 🎛 , we can create sound waves in new forms and reach more people. Join the Hackster and Make: teams, plus synth maven Thea Flowers, open source music gadget hacker Erik Oostveen, and nerdcore godfather MC Frontalot for an exploration of music technology!

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Meet our MUSIC 🎸nerds

MC Frontalot, also known as "The Godfather of Nerdcore", is renowned for his clever and humorous lyrics that often reference popular culture and technology. He has released seven studio albums and performed at music festivals and conventions around the world. Check out his YouTube channel,Spotify, and merch store. Tune in to this episode to find out whether there is a tour plan in 2023!

Erik Oostveen is an electronic-music hobbyist from Coventry - the UK's heartland of technological innovation and creativity. He has built music gadgets since the early 1980s when synthbands sparked his enthusiasm for electronic music. By day, he has been a telecoms engineer since the early 1990s, but by 2015, his love for making electronic music circuitry reignited his passion to develop the skills to take an idea from start to finish. He publishes his open source audio and video projects for anyone to build, copy or improve. Check out his projects and products at erikoostveen.co.uk.

Thea (Stargirl) Flowers creates open source synthesizers and writes engaging technical articles. She's located in Atlanta, Georgia, and is a member of the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA) board of directors. She is a developer advocate, software engineer, and hardware designer. Thea maintains multiple critical community-owned open source projects like urllib3, Twine, and packaging.python.org. As a frequent event organizer and speaker, she has been recognized as a Python Software Foundation Fellow for her work in the community. It is her mission to empower people of all backgrounds using open source software and hardware. She runs an independent synthesizer company, Winterbloom, that creates Eurorack-format modules that are completely open source.

🦄 See you on Jan 26th!

Till then, explore our past episodes where we chat with experts and curious creators about wearables, sustainability, art, 3D printing and space innovation!

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