Hackster’s Handpicked Projects of the Week Oct 5, 2018


Hackster Staff
a year ago
Thinker Blinker
Turn on a light with brainwaves — over the Internet! — with the Muse EEG headset, the Muse Monitor app, and a Particle Photon.
Bitcoin Coke Vending Machine
A Coca-Cola machine accepting Bitcoin via the Lightning Network.
Accelerating Your Ultra96 Developments!
Learn how to use SDSoC to accelerate functions from the processors to the logic in the Ultra96!
Whooooo’s In?
The movements of connected colleagues translated into a living artwork — using Adafruit Feather Huzzah, servo motors, plywood, and paint.
A fully automated box with the sensors, switches, camera, and Messenger bot for growing lettuce.
A simple as possible single-board computer with the 6809 / 6309 CPU.
Pocket Pi
An attempt to make a Pocket Pi made with some parts lying around.
Parking Sensor
Yes, you could use a tennis ball but who doesn’t like things that light up?! For real, this is a great way to help you park in tight spaces.
Visualizing TTN Device Data with WolkAbout IoT Platform
Display device data with style by integrating The Things Network and WolkAbout IoT Platform.
Desired State Configuration for Circuits
Blinking an LED using a Domain Specific Language applied through a Module Twin to a Docker container running Johnny 5 on a Raspberry Pi.
A customized LCD 1602 shield that can work with Arduino Uno and MKR form factor boards.
Head Swinging Dragonfly
This dragonfly swings its head using a gesture sensor and a servo motor.
Art Deco Clock and Weather Display
Like Deco? You’ll love this project. Clock, weather, or both on rotation!
Make a Smart Mug Using LEDs and Arduino
Use RGB LEDs, a temperature sensor, and an Arduino Nano to send a message or make an alarm with colored lights.
Mouse-O-Leum (Multiple Live Catch) Mouse Trap
This Arduino-based mouse trap fits on small buckets and will catch mice with the same reliability and mouse-in-trap notification.
Smart Touch Switch Board
Convert a broken switch board into a smart touch switch with temperature monitoring.
Filament Recycling Extruder “Fab Extruder”
This project introduces a functional extruder at a reasonable price, which can be affordable to the fablab community and others.
Hackster Staff
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