Hackster’s Handpicked Projects of the Week Nov 25, 2016

A Hacked Big Mouth Billy Bass, a DIY Amazon Echo, a Phone-Controlled Coffee Machine + More

Hackster Staff
3 years ago
Animate a Billy Bass Mouth With Any Audio Source
Use an Arduino Uno and Motor Shield to give a Billy Bass singing fish the ability to speak to you from any audio source.
Arduino-Based Amazon Echo
DIY Amazon Echo using Arduino that can control house lights, tell you the time, play music, and even get the weather forecast.
C.H.I.P. Robot
Starting with C.H.I.P. is very simple, and making a CHIP robot can be done easily with the GoPiGo Robot kit.
Study Buddy
With the Study Buddy, it becomes much easier to keep track of assignments because it tells you when an assignment is coming up in the near future.
Aquaponic System Monitor
Monitors temperature, PH, and Cl. levels, and notifies you if anything is out of range.
Holiday Shadow Theater
Build a beautiful Holiday Shadow Theater and control the animated scene with your phone.
Remote Security Camera
A live feed movable security camera that is not only monitored from a remote location, but is remote-controlled as well.
Maze Solver Robot
“Rex, the Robot” will try finding how to escape from a “labyrinth” on a shortest and fastest way.
Skype Web-Turret
Web-turret is a webcam which can be rotated in horizontal and vertical axis by commands from Skype chat.
Brewtiful Bean Machine
If you cant go without your morning coffee but your routine leaves you crunched for time, this project is for you.
SparkFun Lamp
A SparkFun Blynk Board-controlled lamp.
Hackster Staff
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