Hackster’s Handpicked Projects of the Week May 24, 2019

A Custom LoRa End Node, a Facebook Messenger Door Monitor, a Makerspace Access Control System, a 555 Timer LED Blinkie + More!

Hackster Staff
9 months ago
Using LoRaWAN End Devices on The Things Network
How to use end devices in a real LoRaWAN application.
Remote Monitoring with PYNQ and the IoT
PYNQ enables us to access the performance of programmable logic. Let’s look at how we can use the that with IoT frameworks.
Arduino — Monitoring Door Open via Facebook Messenger
If door is opened, Arduino sends a message to your Facebook Messenger.
RaspiPlayer — Internet Radio and MP3 Player Rev2
Internet radio with MP3 player over Bluetooth. This revision includes album art and new skin.
Raspberry Pi RFID Access Control System
An access control system for doors or equipment that checks RFID tags against a list of approved users.
Motion Controlled Timelapse
Make a device that adds motion to your timelapse!
Digital TV Antenna Direction Mount and Pointer
The project will allow you to remotely turn your digital TV antenna to maximize your TV channel reception and channel strength.
555 Timer — LED Blinkie
Exploring the simplicity of the 555 timer through a simple astable mode circuit to make an LED flash.
ESP8266 to ESP8266 Communication
Replace other transceiver modules for any other project that includes wireless communication.
CircuitPython: Creating Custom Boards
Want to run Adafruit’s cool new electronics Python distribution on your board? Now you can!
Cheap Heat Pump Controller — CHPC
The CHPC is a minimal cost heat pump (HP) controller.
Indoor Air Quality and Garbage Monitoring System
Healthy indoor environments system of smart commercial buildings Using Masked Authenticated Messaging (MAM) of the IOTA protocol.
Brewing Fermentation Temperature Controller with Web App
Accurately control beer fermentation temperature while monitoring it from anywhere.
ATtiny Breakout
This is a breakout for an ATtiny microcontroller, it allows you to power an ATtiny with a DC supply of up to 40V and access all the pins!
A synth based on hacked old CD player.
3D Printer AI: UP Squared/Movidius/OctoPrint to Catch Errors
Using the Movidius NCS on the UP Squared board to detect errors in a 3D print job and stop it with OctoPrint so it can be resumed.
Indoor Golf Setup Using Arduino and Pi: Virtual Moving Floor
Indoor golf terrain which is supported by electrical jacks and controlled by Arduino and Pi to move jacks and make terrain of your choice.
Analog Style LED POV Clock
A nice looking analog style LED POV clock.
Word Clock with Just Two Components
Build a word clock with just two parts. A Wemos D1 Arduino and an 8x8 RGB LED matrix.
Turn On/Off TV Sound System Using the TV IR Remote Control
How to control a PC sound system connected to a TV using the IR remote control power button, so both TV & sound system are on/off together.
Sub-1 GHz IoT Development Board
Lighten up the load on your Wi-Fi network by developing your own innovative smart IoT applications with Sub-1 GHz using the CC1310 Blade.
Dirt Cheap Dirt-O-Meter — $9 Arduino Based Audible Altimeter
Ditters (A.K.A Audible Altimeters) saved skydivers’ lives for so many years. Now, Audible Abby will save them money, too.
Deep Learning with Raspberry Pi Explored
Read this first before using deep learning on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+.
External HDMI Touchscreen for Windows & Raspberry Pi
A 7-inch external touch screen for your Windows laptop/PC, this screen can be also used with the Raspberry Pi.
PID Battery Charger Controller
Test and comparison of two PWM methods, to control the battery charge of a “Night Light Control:” 1) Sine function; and 2) PID controller.
DIY Voltmeter Using Arduino and Smartphone
Voltmeter can measure voltage up to 50VDC. It automatically calibrates when voltage of power supply is unstable.
4-Way Joystick Control
Control the pan and tilt of a camera with a 4-way joystick.
Harold the Undead
An Internet-controlled and tracked zombie hamster!
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