Hackster’s Handpicked Projects of the Week Mar 8, 2019

A Solar-Powered Developer Workstation, an Arduino-Connected Bubble Display, a Thermal Printer Game, Nematode-Inspired Robot + More

Hackster Staff
a year ago
96Boards Self Sustainable Developer Station
This project places a 96Boards SBC, battery, solar unit, LCD panel, and standard electric sockets in to an enclosure that can be deployed anywhere.
Human At Work
A machine mimicking human behavior at work. It pushes a button over and over again getting angry, bored, and distracted.
Retro LED Bubble Display
Hooking up a 30-year-old LED bubble display to an Arduino MKR WiFi 1010.
Quest Smith
A Raspberry Pi thermal printer multi select text-based game machine.
Nematoduino Mk2 C. Elegans Robot
Easy to build instructions for making the new Nematoduino mk2, an Arduino Uno-compatible robotic simulation of the C. elegans nematode.
ASMD Shock Rifle
Making the Shock Rifle from Unreal Tournament real!
Walkway-Following Robot
This robot tank learned to follow unmarked walkway using OpenCV and TensorFlow.
Sightsee at your pace. Just plug in your headphones and go.
CNC Light Painting
Create light graffiti effects with a CNC router, Arduino Nano, and RGB LED.
The Living Plant
With the Sony Spresense board, this plant engages conversations with Siri, monitors environment conditions and learns about data science.
ESP32 / Google Maps — GPS Co-ords to Postal Address
ESP32 gets GPS data, extracts latitude and longitude, then uses Google’s Geocoding API to return a human readable address.
Build an Arduino Energy Monitor and Data Logger
How I built an Arduino energy monitor and data logger to collect energy data for different loads and plotted that data using Excel.
Beehive Monitoring with Theft Prevention (GPS)
Beehive monitor and datalogger based on Sony Spresense with Sigfox communication and theft alert function.
Alexa, Tell My Steak to Be Medium Rare
A smart home sous-vide cooker with Sony Spresense.
A tiny and feature rich NeoPixel controller.
Control Your Robot With Your Phone
Build a WiFi controllable robot out of discarded stuff, old parts, and a “WiCard.”
Spresense GPS Enabled Action / Dash Cam
Action cam built using Sony Spresense featuring video (JPEG), audio (MP3) and GPS recording.
Receptionist Drone with CV
Receptionist drone, have a flying assistant show you the way to the lobby. Powered by Sony Spresense.
Autonomous Tour Guide
Surprise visitors in your organization with this Autonomous Tour Guide using the DonkeyCar and Sony’s Spresense board!
The LEGO Guardian
A wicked autonomous bulldozer capable of removing harmful pieces of LEGO that are detected by computer vision.
Pet Locator Powered by Spresense GPS
A pet tracker based on the Sony Spresense development board.
Hand Gesture Based Drone Controlling System
Drone controlling system based on hand gestures. The system is powered by Sony Spresense development board.
Thunderboard Sense 2 (External Sensor)
BLE connected Thunderboard Sense 2, external located, weather-resistant 3D-printed housing and ThingSpeak data comparison.
Control NeoPixels Like a DJ
Use an ESP8266 to control NeoPixels over Wi-Fi like a lightning technician with only free software.
Underwater Cyclops
This controllable device can help you to build an underwater robot communicating via Ethernet cable.
Reaction Timer — F1 Style
Would you like to train your reaction time in milliseconds? Now you can with a timer inspired by the F1 race start lights.
Intelligent Wireless Sense-Cube
A wireless sensor cube built using Sony Spresense board, which will help trigger actions based on the orientation of cube on a desk.
Animated Musical Juke Box Player
Play list of favorite songs to animated lights and bobbing plush decor.
ESP Solar Tracker — Revolutions
Take 3 — Single ESP8266 CPU. Maybe the mix is right this time.
Ichigo: The Agricultural Bot
Ichigo is an agricultural robot that goes around the cultvational land and gets you statistics about the diseased plants and the field.
Gerbil Fitbit
How far and fast can my gerbils, Snuggles and Gingy, run? IR sensor odometer, with LCD display distance and top speed.
Serial Communication with .NET Core 3.0 on RPi Linux
With the coming .NET Core 3.0, cross-platform serial port is available. Let’s have a try on RPi Raspbian.
A Practical Introduction to SDR SDRAM Memories Using an FPGA
Let’s learn everything about SDR SDRAM memories by writing a controller in Verilog.
A Better Web Camera Powered by Sony
An innovative web camera that can be expanded and developed for different applications.
Smart Door with Face Unlock
Bring the power of face unlock to your shelf, door or wardrobe with Bolt IoT.
Interfacing Grove Speech Recognizer with Arduino
A quick tutorial on how to interface the voice recognition module with few examples.
IGo — Low-Cost Advanced Driver Assistance System
A smart, low-cost advanced driver assistance system powered by a Sony Spresense board.
Backlit LED Skull Sign
Using the X-Carve CNC, along with an Arduino Micro and an LED strip, make an AWESOME backlit skull sign for your workshop!
Kernel Density Distribution Analytics from Data Sensor
IoT project and data analytics to get insight of soil (soil moisture and soil temperature).
Digital Synth Modulin (Wintergatan-Inspired)
A low-cost digital version of Wintergatan’s Magical Modulin that is reprogrammable and can play two notes per controller simultaneously!
Single LED Matrix Arduino Flip Clock
A simple to build LED matrix flip clock.
Magic 8-Ball Inspired Answer Box
Ask a question, push the button and get an answer. If you don’t like the answer, press it again.
Raspberry Pi Health Dashboard Works w/ Fitbit & Apple Health
Your personal health dashboard using a Raspberry Pi, controlled by your iPhone. No coding required.
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