Hackster’s Handpicked Projects of the Week Jun 1, 2018

A Voice-Enabled Image Recognition System, a Cryptocurrency Cluster, an Automated Sliding Gate, a Glass Roof Cleaning Robot, and More!

Hackster Staff
2 years ago
Raspberry Pi Image Recognition with Alexa Voice
SeeTalker tells you what it sees with the help of a Raspberry Pi computer, Microsoft image recognition, and Alexa.
Automatic Sliding Door for the Garage
How to build and configure a control unit based on Arduino for opening, closing and other actions for a motorized sliding door.
Curved Lane Detection
A curved lane detection system that works much better, and is more robust to challenging environments. The lane detection system was written in Python using the OpenCV library.
Using HLS on an FPGA-Based Image Processing Platform
Building on the Zybo Z7 image processing application. This project demonstrates using HLS with C/C++ to accelerate image processing.
Cryptocurrency Node Cluster with K8s on Raspberry Pi
Serve up a network of nodes for your favorite cryptocurrency with Kubernetes running on the Raspberry Pi.
A glass roof cleaning crawler.
Pill Me Please
An automated pill dispensing/packaging machine that packages pills into standard 14 slot pill boxes, to save time, money, and reduce errors.
3D-Printed Prosthetic Hand with Capacitive Touch Sensing
In this project capacitive touch sensing is used to actuate the 3D-printed hand.
3D Sensing for Automotive Control
Electro-mechanical switching is a common source of failure in many applications, including vehicles, 3D magnetic sensing is the solution.
Arduino Pocket Game Console
The project I want to share with you today is an Arduino maze game, which became a pocket console as capable as Arduboy!
Sensor-Controlled Guard Lights
Customised solar-powered & sensor-controlled guard lights to brighten up my apartment balcony that somehow does not have any lights fitted.
Wedding Photo Booth with Raspberry Pi
For a wedding or other event, you need a photo booth! You will find here how to do this awesome project which make all guests happy.
Matrix Orbital EVE2 TFT, Servo and an AMS Magnetic Sensor
A Matrix Orbital EVE2 3.5" EVE2 TFT, a servo and an AMS Magnetic Sensor Dev kit to show an on-screen 270-degree gauge with 3D-printed knob.
Yoda Twitter Streamer
Let Yoda manage your tweets.
Arduino Telegraph
Do you want to become the *ultimate* hipster?
Air Conditioner Controller
Take a dumb air conditioner and make it smart so that you can set it and forget it. Uses Particle Photon.
Helium Solar Monitoring Board with Relays
Arduino with a Helium Monitoring Shield that can monitor motion, temperature, solar power (including volts up to 80VDC and 10A).
The Magnet Tag!
A funky cool looking high power magnet tag with a wide range of applications!
Homemade Claw Machine
Build your own fully functional claw machine/ crane game!
Perl+Pi DIY Home Security
Yet another DIY home security project with Raspberry Pi and the Perl programming language. Sensors report status to server via UDP messages.
Arduino Motorcycle Tail Lights
Arduino controlled auxiliary saddle bag lights for a motorcycle.
Double Plant Watering 2
Another double plant watering version, now with more autonomy and less power consumption.
Hiking Tracker
Tracks compass heading, altitude, temperature, pressure, humidity, time, travel distance and GPS location during a hike.
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