Hackster’s Handpicked Projects of the Week Feb 17, 2017

Hackster Staff
3 years ago
Home Automation Control Panel
A touchscreen control panel for home IoT devices. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, RFM69, MQTT, and more.
An Arduino-powered LEGO Technic arachnid controlled by your smartphone.
Kaleidoscope Infinity Mirror
A cross between a kaleidoscope and an infinity mirror! As you change the rotation of the mirror, the lights change in response.
Valentine’s Sunflower
A 3D-printed sunflower that opens and closes in reaction to light.
BrickPi3 BalanceBot
A balancing robot with the Raspberry Pi, some LEGO Mindstorms, and the BrickPi3.
Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Literal Robots
This project covers building and coding a robot that pans, tilts, and THROWS FISTS. Make two and fight ’em to the death!
The FilamentBot is an Amazon Dash Replenishment Service-enabled smart filament counter.
Interactive Mario Mushroom Block
The main idea of this project is to have a light-up mushroom block mounted on a wall, and when a person hit the bottom of it, a servo would open up the top and shoot out a plush mushroom.
Weekly Scheduling With Arduino Uno
How to switch Arduino Uno-based IoT device’s tasks depending on the day of week.
Arduino Game X/O on TFT Display
The project consists of the game X / O. Instead of character X, we put blue squares, and instead of character O, we put red ones, and thus play the game.
Are We On Air?
Check if a remote broadcast system has connection with the studio.
Hackster Staff
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