Hackster’s Handpicked Projects of the Week Dec 7, 2018

A Freeform Snowflake,

Hackster Staff
2 years ago
A freeform interactive snowflake animated by Arduino Nano. Using 17 independent PWM channels and touch sensor it can create awesome effects!
An all parts included kit to build a walking smart robot dinosaur.
Building a Camera / Imager Test Platform
Build an image processing design on the Zybo Z7 which is capable of using both HDMI input and the MIPI camera interface.
Walbi, the Walking Biped
Meet Walbi, a 2:1 scale humanoid with Arduino programs for motion capture and playback. Move it by hand, record and then play it back.
An Arduino UNO made of DIP and through-hole components.
View Raw Data on Google Cloud from AVR-IoT WG Board
Register your AVR-IoT WG development board on Google Cloud and start viewing the temperature and light data stream.
World’s First YouTube-Powered Water Drone
This bot streams a video to YouTube from inside a turtle tank and allows users to move the camera around through commands in the live chat!
WASP: Wemos Advanced Smart Plug
WASP is a Wemos D1 Mini time-programmable smart plug with a web-based control interface.
Rock-Paper-Scissors-Spock-Lizard Hand Game Robot
Android Things-based robotic installation which can play hand game with humans and recognize player’s gestures to decide who wins the game.
Azure IoT Edge Reading Data From PLC — Industrial IoT
This project show how to read data from a PLC that just has RS485 over USB, using Microsoft Azure IoT Edge to bring data to IoT Hub.
Peltier element + water projection machine.
Open Source Hot Tub Controller
Sluggish, old, dumb controls? No way! Make a hot tub smart and remotely operated with a Raspberry Pi 3 and some wiring.
Dynamic Environment
Reconfigurable structures that enhance occupants’ social and physical experiences.
Hexapod Grip Arm
Get a grip! This grip arm allows Vorpal the Hexapod to grab items in a claw that opens and closes, the arm also raises and lowers.
Alexa-Controlled Desk Lamp
Controlling office desk lamp with Amazon Alexa and more…
Lit House Christmas Ornament
This has just about every function you could think of, since you need to to be able to program the flash sequences.
The Ohminator Analog Synthesizer
An all-analog keyboard synthesizer like the ones popular in the 1970s.
Ripe Fruit Identification
Ripe fruit identification using an Ultra96 board and OpenCV.
Control PWM Fans with an Arduino
Control PWM fans with an Arduino, some basic C# programming and a lot of fun!
Texas Instruments RSLK with Ultrasonic Distance Sensors
Ultrasonic distance sensors are affordable, accurate, and easy to use, so integrate them into the basic RSLK by TI.
3D Printer Heat Bed Control Using XinaBox
Duft off an ancient Prusa i3 3D printer and rebuild the heat bed controller. Get it running quickly using some xChips.
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