Hackster’s Handpicked Projects of the Week Apr 28, 2017

An Offline Speech Processing System, a Pi Zero W Surveillance Camera, an Ambilight Clone, a Tweeting Office Plant + More

Hackster Staff
3 years agoInternet of Things
Offline Speech Processing
Create your very own hotwords like “Alexa,” “Ok Google” and “Hey Cortana,” and trigger events just by speaking… without the Internet.
A simple cloud home surveillance camera project that uses the new Raspberry Pi Zero W.
Ambilight Clone: Smart Screen Backlight
Phillips made what is called Ambilight, a backlight that responds to what is on screen. Makers made it bigger.
MKRFOX1200 Weather Monitor
Turn your MKRFOX1200 into a battery-powered weather monitor that you can deploy everywhere.
Nova Underwater Technologies Underwater ROV
Underwater robot built by students running on Raspberry Pi 3 on Windows 10 IoT Core controlled by UWP app using an Xbox controller.
Walabot Target Visualization in WebVR
Using Intel Compute Stick and Walabot, host a website to visualize Walabot sensor data in VR. Create NodeJS bindings for Walabot.
Thirsty Tweeting Office Plants
Time to give your plants a voice using an Arduino Due, or Zero, an anduinoWiFi shield, and lastly a capacitive soil moisture sensor. Oh, and a glass of water.
Raspberry Pi 3 Mail Server

Instead of using somebody else’s domain name (e.g., gmail) and risking data mining, build your own free mail server to process your email.

GoPro Voice Control Panorama Device
A device that rotates a GoPro HERO5, then uses the HERO5’s voice-control capabilities to command it to take a picture.
VSB Chicken Coop Door Opener Repair / Upgrade
My broken chicken coop door opener now has manual control and LED indicators so I can see from the house if the chickens are safe at night…
A small VT100 that you can carry in your hands, connect to any hardware that provide serial interface.
Hackster Staff
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