Costie Lights Up Your Beverage with the Current Temperature

Cameron Coward
10 months ago

Is your beverage too cold? Too hot, maybe? Are you constantly burning your delicate lips on your scalding hot toddy? Do you frequently suffer from brain freeze caused by irresponsibly-chilled smoothies? Than has Akshay Baweja got the coaster for you! Just follow his Costie tutorial, and in no time at all you’ll be drinking your beverages with a smile on your face, content in the knowledge that the temperature is optimal.

Costie is a smart table top coaster with LEDs embedded within its surface. Through the magic of refraction, it will light up your glass with a rainbow of colors to signify the current temperature of the contents. It’ll even let you know if your glass is empty — or at least at room temperature. Building Costie should only cost about $14, so there’s no longer any excuse for torturing your mouth with improperly-temperatured beverages.

This will require a custom PCB, but it’s small enough to be affordable. Components are also surface-mounted, which can be tricky to solder. You’ll probably want a reflow setup for this one. Those components include an ATmega328, a temperature sensor, 20 WS2812B SMD LEDs, a small LiPo battery, and a wireless charging module. Follow Baweja’s instructions to assemble Costie and install the code through the Arduino IDE. The enclosure can be 3D-printed, laser-cut, or milled on a CNC machine. Put it all together, and you’ve got one fancy coaster!

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