Compact HeroCore Dev Board Hits Kickstarter for Accessory-Focused Second Crowdfunding Campaign

Building the compact HeroCore dev board out into an ecosystem are add-ons for XBee, LoRa, USB Host, and even a joypad.

Gareth Halfacree
2 months agoHardware 101

Flavio DaBrescia is back crowdfunding, this time for a range of accessories and add-ons for his popular compact ATmega2560-powered HeroCore development board — including an air quality sensor, a USB host, and even a joypad.

DaBrescia launched HeroCore to the world last year, closing a successful crowdfunding campaign with over €15,000 (around $16,500) raised for production of a compact 38x38mm Arduino Mega-like board. Now, having fulfilled backers' pledges, DaBrescia has returned to Kickstarter to fund production of a range of modules designed to expand the HeroCore ecosystem.

"HeroCore is not just a breakout," DaBrescia writes, "but rather an ENTIRE PROJECT. Forget the ugly shields and breakouts you are used to, seriously. HeroCore comes with BEAUTIFUL shields, accessories, cases, wires, we want you to have EVERYTHING, with compatibility across the entire products."

Available in the latest campaign are: a Display Case with choice of two display panels; a Joypad board with support for buttons, tactile switches, rotary encoders, potentiometers, and analog thumbsticks plus multiple wireless connectivity options; an RTC module; a Shield Adapter compatible with any existing Arduino Uno or Arduino Mega shield; a Bosch BME680 air quality sensor; a USB Host controller; an XBee adapter; a Servo Module supporting up to 16 servos with 5A per servo or 15A total; a LoRa module; a Relay Shield with two 10A relays and integrated current sensing; a Prototyping Shield; a Core Holder chassis with screw points for easy mounting; and a Core Tower storage unit for HeroCore boards.

Rewards begin at €35 (around $39) for a HeroCore board with one basic and one advanced module; from there, prices rise up to the top tier of €150 (around $166) for one of everything listed in the campaign plus a free Wi-Fi module and accessories for the Joypad board. More information is available on the Kickstarter campaign page.

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