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Windows IoT Device
Rapidly prototype and build your Windows IoT solutions on a variety of devices running Windows 10 IoT Core. Windows 10 gives you powerful tools that let you develop fast and deploy to your device.

Device connectivity
Leverage the power of open frameworks like Connect-the-Dots to help connect your devices to Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure allows you to implement great solutions by leveraging advanced analytics services.

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Connect with other makers to share code and make contributions through GitHub. Join the community to influence future releases of the SDK.

Nova Underwater Technologies Teenager Team Underwater ROV
  • 328
  • 3

Work in progress

Underwater robot built by students running on Raspberry PI 3 on Windows 10 IoT Core controlled by UWP app using Xbox controller.

Nova Underwater Technologies Teenager Team Underwater ROV

Team Nova Underwater Technologies 2017

Solar Smart Greenhouse Using Vertical Aquaponic Towers
  • 6,823
  • 87

Work in progress

Feed your family with 22 sqm greenhousing by combining permaculture, aquaponic vertical towers and IoT.

Windows 10 IoT Core: UltraSonic Distance Mapper
  • 35,644
  • 102

Scan and draw ruff sketch of distances ahead just like RADAR using UltraSonic Distance Sensor.

Drone Pi: A Windows 10 Raspberry Pi 4G Drone
  • 6,770
  • 49

Work in progress

A cool drone controlled by a raspberry pi, a windows 10 device and an xbox one controller over 4G network.

Windows 10 IOT Core ROV
  • 2,442
  • 21

Simple Underwater explorer with live camera feed to control device. Can also be used to build generic remote control applications

Unique Way To Add Touch on RaspberryPi2 running Windows IoT
  • 8,139
  • 27


Use a USB Touch controller to bring touch function back on your existing Touch LCD panel with RPi2 on Windows 10 IoT Core

Audio Recorder App on Windows 10 IoT Core
  • 4,948
  • 9

Full instructions

This is a simple sample to show how to make a audio recorder app on windows 10 Iot Core Image; You can also play back the recorded audio.

Smart Mirror - Personal Home Hub Assistant
  • 1,061
  • 8

Work in progress

Smart mirror & Android remote with voice/face recognition, light/window/boiler control, security control, and multimedia station with news.

Measure Wind Speed with Eltako Windsensor and Win10 IoT Core
  • 1,529
  • 12

Full instructions

This project will help you track wind speeds using the Windows 10 IoT Core and Eltako Windsensor.

End-Effector and Control Logic for Robot
  • 2,989
  • 23

For my thesis, I have developed the control system and end-effector for a robot, easily implementable and economic.

UAV Arduino
Super hard
  • 9,269
  • 61

This is one of my personal budget/project made for University to graduate. This Airplane (UAV) is made fully homemade using only arduino.

Windows 10 IoT Core for Adafruit SPI Touchscreen
  • 7,762
  • 43

Work in progress

Run Windows 10 Applications on an Adafruit SPI Touchscreen for Raspberry Pi. Follow instructions to install the display driver and touch.

  • 36,512
  • 165

Full instructions

Simple to get started yet infinitely expandable.

Use Augmented Reality to Interact With Your Home
  • 947
  • 11

Work in progress

Using augmented reality to more naturally interact with your smart home.

Closed Loop Control, Remote Sensors and Remote UX on RPi3
  • 71,709
  • 147

Use a PID Controller to monitor a wheel's speed and consistently reach the desired RPM.

World Map of Makers
  • 86,442
  • 185

Full instructions

A simple Internet-connected application to query the status of a web API and use it's information to toggle an LED and put a pin on a map!

Heart Pulse Sensor
  • 5,471
  • 25

Full instructions

Heart Pulse system made up of Raspberry Pi2, MCP3008 and Pulse sensor.

RFID Door Unlock
  • 13,061
  • 43

Full instructions

Forgot your keys? Unlock the door using an RFID combination sequence from hidden tags.

Adafruit 5" LCD and the Raspberry Pi 2 with Windows 10
  • 44,475
  • 93

Full instructions

Get started with the Adafruit 5" LCD screen on your Raspberry Pi 2 running Windows 10 IoT Core

DHT11 /DHT22 Temperature Sensor
  • 50,514
  • 103

Full instructions

Use the DHT Temperature Sensors in C# code via a C++ Windows Runtime Component to implement a one-wire protocol on Windows 10 and the RPI2.

Windows 10 IoT Core and TSL2561
  • 4,574
  • 53

Full instructions

Measure Luminosity using Windows 10 IoT Core and TSL2561 Sensor

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