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Windows IoT Device
Rapidly prototype and build your Windows IoT solutions on a variety of devices running Windows 10 IoT Core. Windows 10 gives you powerful tools that let you develop fast and deploy to your device.

Device connectivity
Leverage the power of open frameworks like Connect-the-Dots to help connect your devices to Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure allows you to implement great solutions by leveraging advanced analytics services.

Maker community
Connect with other makers to share code and make contributions through GitHub. Join the community to influence future releases of the SDK.

Adding RC Transmitter/Receiver to Control Mecanum Bot
  • 542
  • 6

Full instructions

We previously showed our Mecanum Bot being controlled by a wireless Xbox controller, now we added RC transmitter/receiver.

Cat Door with Pet Recognition
  • 4,618
  • 21

Full instructions

Use object detection to let your cat in and out of the house with a motion-activated pet door.

Pulse Train HAT for Raspberry Pi Mecanum Bot Example
  • 2,235
  • 22

Full instructions

With this example, we show how to use the PTHAT and wireless Xbox controller to control a Mecanum Bot.

Home Automation using Raspberry Pi 2 and Windows 10 IoT
  • 231,873
  • 570

Full instructions

Automated Home using Raspberry Pi 2 (Windows 10 IoT Core) and Arduino.

Solar Smart Greenhouse Using Vertical Aquaponic Towers
  • 10,511
  • 147

Work in progress

Feed your family with 22 sqm greenhousing by combining permaculture, aquaponic vertical towers and IoT.

Windows IoT: Facial Recognition Door
  • 63,088
  • 270

Full instructions

Build an automated door that unlocks itself using facial recognition.

  • 27,896
  • 150

A clone of a popular Magic Mirror project completly rewritten for UWP, with voice recognition to show upcoming news.

Long Range UHF RFID Item Tracking System
  • 38,190
  • 95

Full instructions

For makerspaces to keep track of tools and other items. Tag items with inexpensive RFID tags and track their physical locations.

Windows 10 IoT Core: UltraSonic Distance Mapper
  • 37,835
  • 107

Scan and draw ruff sketch of distances ahead just like RADAR using UltraSonic Distance Sensor.

Closed Loop Control, Remote Sensors and Remote UX on RPi3
  • 73,661
  • 151

Use a PID Controller to monitor a wheel's speed and consistently reach the desired RPM.

Arduino I2C communication with Raspi 2 WIOT
  • 28,672
  • 102

Full instructions

Using Arduino to do a communication between sensors and Windows for IOT

Sensor Telemetry 2.0.1
  • 8,376
  • 54

Full instructions

Drive temperature data to Microsoft Azure IoT Hub and monitor the data remotely from a Windows Universal application. Digitally Remastered!

Smart Doorbell with Azure, Windows10 IoT & UWP App
  • 23,008
  • 96

Full instructions

This End to End sample demonstrates the power of Azure Mobile Services & Windows 10 IoT Core which sends notification to your mobile devices

Plant App
  • 15,710
  • 169

Full instructions

digiPlant tweets and displays live and historical data collected by soil moisture, temperature, and brightness sensors.

Plant App

Windows IoT

Windows 10 IoT Core for Adafruit SPI Touchscreen
  • 9,142
  • 44

Work in progress

Run Windows 10 applications on an Adafruit SPi touchscreen for Raspberry Pi. Follow instructions to install the display driver and touch.

Building a Touch-enabled Interface for Windows IoT
  • 20,874
  • 70

Full instructions

Creating a TouchProcessor for Windows IoT to trigger click on XAML buttons

Personal Mirror
  • 27,698
  • 109

Work in progress

Mirror with Face Recognition and Personal News

Windows 10 IoT Core : Setting Startup App
  • 35,037
  • 49


Set the specific app as startup application when your Windows 10 IoT Core boots.

Hexapod (Hexapi)
  • 18,329
  • 111

Work in progress

Hexapod using Inverse kinematics with a Raspberry PI 3 brain, XBox 360 Wireless controller running on Windows 10 IOT Core. (3d printed legs)

  • 8,794
  • 61

Full instructions

What has 6 legs, 18 joints, and a computer for a brain? My daughter's new pet.

Windows 10 IoT Core and Azure IoT Hubs : Hands-on Lab
  • 9,883
  • 34

Full instructions

In this lab you will use a Raspberry Pi 2 device with Windows 10 IoT Core and a FEZ HAT sensor hat.

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