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Windows IoT Device
Rapidly prototype and build your Windows IoT solutions on a variety of devices running Windows 10 IoT Core. Windows 10 gives you powerful tools that let you develop fast and deploy to your device.

Device connectivity
Leverage the power of open frameworks like Connect-the-Dots to help connect your devices to Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure allows you to implement great solutions by leveraging advanced analytics services.

Maker community
Connect with other makers to share code and make contributions through GitHub. Join the community to influence future releases of the SDK.

Windows IoT//Build 2015 B15 HoloBot
Super hard
  • 417
  • 2

B15 HoloBot on Windows 10 IoT Core (Raspberry Pi 2 Model B) + Arduino.

Azure - UWP Coffee Shop
Super hard
  • 186
  • 0

The UWP app allows you to read the Azure IoT Hub and IoT Suite.

UAV Arduino
Super hard
  • 12,505
  • 77

This is one of my personal budget/project made for University to graduate. This Airplane (UAV) is made fully homemade using only arduino.

C# .NET Quadcopter
Super hard
  • 18,067
  • 112


Windows 10 drone

Air Hockey Robot
Super hard
  • 12,236
  • 52

Full instructions

An air hockey robot that's running on Windows 10 IoT Core.

Air Hockey Robot

Windows IoT

Automated Pet Feeder
Super hard
  • 10,361
  • 29

Work in progress

RFID Enabled Pet Feeding Bowl. One or many pets ID them and schedule and weigh their food.

Super hard
  • 6,147
  • 21

Work in progress

Home-automation system along with Artificial Intelligence

Super hard
  • 1,117
  • 0

Work in progress

It's a hacker computer.


Team advanced hackers

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