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Windows IoT Device
Rapidly prototype and build your Windows IoT solutions on a variety of devices running Windows 10 IoT Core. Windows 10 gives you powerful tools that let you develop fast and deploy to your device.

Device connectivity
Leverage the power of open frameworks like Connect-the-Dots to help connect your devices to Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure allows you to implement great solutions by leveraging advanced analytics services.

Maker community
Connect with other makers to share code and make contributions through GitHub. Join the community to influence future releases of the SDK.

World Map of Makers
  • 89,234
  • 190

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A simple Internet-connected application to query the status of a web API and use it's information to toggle an LED and put a pin on a map!

Hands-on-lab IoT Weather Station using Windows 10
  • 188,162
  • 278

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This example demonstrates how to leverage the power of Windows 10 IoT Core, and create a weather station using the Sparkfun weather shield.

Personal Home Safety Agent
  • 22,233
  • 78

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Monitor smoke detectors, detect water leakages... Turn main water supply off in case of leakage. Notifications sent using Azure and WNS.

Home Automation using Raspberry Pi 2 and Windows 10 IoT
  • 239,095
  • 585

Full instructions

Automated Home using Raspberry Pi 2 (Windows 10 IoT Core) and Arduino.

Windows IoT: Facial Recognition Door
  • 68,680
  • 276

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Build an automated door that unlocks itself using facial recognition.

Closed Loop Control, Remote Sensors and Remote UX on RPi3
  • 75,117
  • 152

Use a PID Controller to monitor a wheel's speed and consistently reach the desired RPM.

Robot Kit (Chinese version)
  • 2,387
  • 4

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