Meet A Member/Project Night

Thursday, Dec 13, 2018
6:30 PM
8:30 PM
361 Vernon Ave, Venice, CA, United States of AmericaView map

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Let's meet a member and learn about what everyone is working on! Tait has graciously volunteered to be the first member to discuss some of his personal/professional projects and the amazing skills he's cultivated.

Also, we should continue our conversation from the last meetup around workshops - I've created a form for collecting ideas for workshops - multiple submissions are allowed (and encouraged!). Fill out the form here:

In addition, we'll have an open hack night where you can work on projects to your heart's content. Have a project you want to show off? We'll do lightning talks so you can demonstrate your awesomeness.

Additionally, please continue to submit your opinions on what you want the meetup to be here:

Finally, submit your preferred form of communication to this form so we can setup a channel for everyone to collaborate in between meetups here:


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Elijah Scheele

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Jessica Tangeman

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