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The Intel® Edison platform is a solution designed to lower the barriers to entry for quick prototyping and productizing the connected computing devices driving the next industrial revolution.

This wave of connected devices will be a diversified collection of products invented for specific consumers and consumer needs. 

Intel® Edison technology was designed specifically for the creators of these devices—emerging entrepreneurs eager to invent the future.  It combines a small, powerful, adaptable hardware platform and partner-enabled ecosystem with extended software compatibility and supportive online environment. 

With the solution offered by the Intel Edison platform, your imagination is the only obstacle between you and your invention.

  • 255
  • 1

Impress visitors at fares and presentations by showing the wide range of Roboys strengths

Smart Greenhouse: The future of agriculture
  • 8,059
  • 56

Smart Greenhouse is a self regulating, micro-climate controlled environment for optimal plant growth.

Hobbyist Hydraulic Press
  • 201
  • 4

Automate the controls for a hydraulic press.

Low-Power Image Classification
  • 1,546
  • 18

The project combines machine learning with low-power hardware to enable ultra portable devices to understand their surrounding world.

Wifi Controlled Car with Central Hub
  • 1,367
  • 10

IoT becomes limitless with web integration from Intel. This is demonstrated with our hacked-together car!

Water Usage Metric Provider (WUMP)
  • 176
  • 3

A smart tracker for water usage that provide metrics for something as small as a shower to something as large as an entire city.

Smart Outlet to Reduce Peak Power Needs
  • 1,118
  • 8

Eliminate inefficient peak power generation by intelligently coordinating demand.

Automatic Climate-Controlled Organic Garden
  • 468
  • 6

Imagine growing any kind of food or crop at home or commercially, year round, in a self-contained system. We could feed the hungry!

Intel Edison WiFi Scanner
  • 1,459
  • 4

Want to know what WiFi access points are around you? Take a look at this!

AIRS - An Air Quality Awareness Platform for Smart Cites
  • 570
  • 5

Check air quality levels in your city before going for a run in convenient ways such as IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, Twitter, and alerts.

Air Quality Monitor
  • 617
  • 4

This is a project addendum to a larger project called "Scalable Intelligent Air Quality Monitoring and Response"

Smarter Greenhouse
  • 127
  • 2

The problem with modern automated greenhouses is that they are reactive instead of proactive.

Edison - The Gardener
  • 327
  • 4

A Complete DIY Garden Management Solution for Soil based as well as hydroponics growing.

Smart Camera (super charged by a Machine’s Computer Vision)
  • 488
  • 3

IoT automation of facial recognition processing with the Webcam sending summarized “Faces” to Twitter.

Sous-vide Cooker
  • 184
  • 1

Sous-vide cookers go for hundreds of dollars! Build a connected one for cheaper!

Sous-vide Cooker

Team Voldemort

Sensors Management System
  • 165
  • 1

sensors management, data collection,data analysis,privilege distribution.

The Connected Maraca to Earthquake detector
  • 146
  • 1

We made a connected maraca at IoT Hack Day: AWS Pop-up Loft London Hack Series Sponsored by Intel.

Grove LCD & Edison XDK toolchain checkout
  • 143
  • 0

Quick and dirty check of basic toolchain and setup, using a ready to go LCD example.

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