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The Intel® Edison platform is a solution designed to lower the barriers to entry for quick prototyping and productizing the connected computing devices driving the next industrial revolution.

This wave of connected devices will be a diversified collection of products invented for specific consumers and consumer needs. 

Intel® Edison technology was designed specifically for the creators of these devices—emerging entrepreneurs eager to invent the future.  It combines a small, powerful, adaptable hardware platform and partner-enabled ecosystem with extended software compatibility and supportive online environment. 

With the solution offered by the Intel Edison platform, your imagination is the only obstacle between you and your invention.

Travel Trainer
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Work in progress

A mobile VR application that helps people with learning disabilities practice travelling by using an Intel Edison to gather behaviour data.

Travel Trainer

Team Independence VR

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Work in progress

An internet system of personalized things for the environment improvement of the Sandy River Delta using BLE technology.

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