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Train Time Ticker

A simple train time ticker that displays the current time + the trains arriving to a specific platform in the next 30 minutes

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Train Time Ticker

Things used in this project


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Fritzing Diagram

I had a limited number of jumper wires. Ideally I would have been able to colour code the wires depending on where they are being used. Instead I used them based on the positioning of pins.

Just want to point out that is definitely worth it to spend a bit of time making the wires neat. The first two iterations(testing out both screen types), the wiring left alot to be desired and made the whole project feel extremely hacky.



The repo contains code for both screens that use either the Adafurit_SSD1306 library and the Adafurit_ILI9340 library. It also contains the Node server that interacts directly with the Irish Rail API.


Fergal Carroll

Fergal Carroll

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