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evive is the ultimate open-source prototyping platform any maker would need. Its made for all age groups to serve a wide range of applications. Besides helping hobbyists and students in building their projects and experimental setups, it can be used by beginners to develop their making skills and by advanced users like researchers, professionals and educators to analyze and debug their projects.
Made with a vision of transforming the very basics of making, it enables you to innovate, transform and contribute towards technological progress of mankind.

Forget dealing with humongous amount of components! When you have evive, that's all you will need. It's awesome features and innumerable components make it a one-stop solution for the maker community. And all of that at a very affordable price!

Line follower robot using a smart phone
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Use a smartphone's camera as a sensor, evive and 1sheeld to make a line follower robot.

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