Things used in this project

Hardware components:
Ardgen mega
Arduino Mega 2560 & Genuino Mega 2560
We have used evive. Its an Arduino MEGA powered embedded platform.
Buttonpad 01 l
SparkFun Button Pad 4x4 - LED Compatible
We have used similar 4X4 Keypad like this one
Omron b3f 1000 image 75px
SparkFun Pushbutton switch 12mm
Similar to this, many different types of switches were used for different functions to make it more user friendly
Adafruit industries ada239 image 75px
Solderless Breadboard Full Size
Mfr 25frf52 1k sml
Resistor 1k ohm
11026 02
Jumper wires (generic)
Screen%20shot%202016 08 17%20at%2012.06.19%20pm
Software apps and online services:
Ide web
Arduino IDE




Kih1x gp
evive team

evive is an open-source embedded platform to transform making by helping you learn better, build easier and debug smarter!



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