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Design of accident detection and alert system for motor cycles 6 638 d5a3l91ej8

Accident prevention and location detection

By B7140d23a8ad3fe335e1bb6d38d6964a Burhanuddin Saya

  1. Nowadays, there are many accidents taking place involving two wheelers. This showcases us a need of developing a device which could at least save them from dying.
  2. Medically it's observed that if a person is given the required medical treatment as early as possible then the chances of their survival increases drastically.
  3. Also the people involved in two wheelers have no protection except a helmet. As like a car gas an ABS system and many other devices are getting built.
  4. In, my model the basic concept is to inform all the nearby ambulances, hospitals and also police about the same.This can be easily done by creating a database and uploading it on the server.
  5. So, whenever any accident happens then a predefined message would be sent to the police, ambulances and hospitals.
  6. The emergency contacts of the person injured would also be informed about the persons location. This can be done using the Hologram nova cellular USB modem.As the sensor would be continuously checking for the impact or the drastic deceleration.
  7. So whenever it happens there is time slot given to the user in which the user of the two wheeler can mark himself safe by using a button provided near the device.
  8. Also, note that only the two most nearest ambulances would be informed about the location of the person who has been injured or fatally wounded.
  9. And using the coded logic a prediction would be made that which ambulance would reach the location earlier. So, the data gets cancelled from the other ambulances list.
  10. This makes the system more feasible and efficient. Employing such a system would allow us to give new lifes to people who would died without proper medical care or sometimes it even happens as no one caters to such fatalities. 
Submitted on Oct 28, 2017 at 6:58 AM.
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Snipping drcpvy5cv7

Closer tracking IoT device for investigations

By Img 20151222 180856646 G. KArthick Reddy

Tracking the culprits is important when investigation is going on for this we use the sniffer dogs to follow and trace the culprit where he was underlying. Cop will not allow dogs to go faster because he cannot run equally and follow dogs so that culprit may escape at that movement. In order to trace the exact position we need an advanced system which can give the position and location information remotely to the cops. When this device is place in the dog pouch it can give the GPS information and it can record the video and audio of the culprit when it is following him. Thus this Closer tracking IoT device is useful for the investigations. This device is not only useful in investigations but help for sports in cycling, races, etc so the participants cannot violate the rules and conditions. In industries the path direction of robotic vehicles can be viewed remotely if they are deviated from regular track. In the fun & entertainment for children they go for a ride to roller coaster, ferris wheel and other gigantic events. During these events they go unconscious and there is a need to identify them and stop the process to save their life. In order to check such activities we need this investigation device to monitor and watch all the person conditions. Raspberry Pi Zero W has on-board 802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN, Bluetooth 4.1, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), CSI camera interface, MicroSD card with NOOBS, HAT-compatible 40-pin GPIOs, Mini HDMI and USB, 1GHz, single-core CPU and Nova cellular USB modem has Global 2G/3G cellular coverage (unlocked), u.FL Antenna Connector, Nano SIM card holder, UART GPIO Pads these features enable to transfer data to anywhere in the globe. Raspberry Pi Zero W and Hologram Nova global 3G/2G cellular modem together used to prototype Closer tracking IoT device for investigations the snapshot or video can be capture using the camera connected to CSI interface the data can be transferred to the remote device using the cellular connectivity. The GPS receiver connected to the GPIO pins can easily identify the location of the device so that it can be better to take action at the incident site. As on reality this device plays an important role in investigation of culprits, sports events, endanger to save humankind. This device can be an innovative and can use in any live event where we need to monitor the happening in real-time from a remote area.
Submitted on Oct 28, 2017 at 6:50 AM.
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Bt iot2 h5lud9drul

Connected Bridge

By 3eac9797e453b04b6be7650f3070c6a0 Makbul Landge

For a smart and safe city it is essetial that the bridges are healthy and in good shape. Conventional stucture health monitoring system use multiple methods including the use of sonar rays to look for cracks and other deformities. This not dynamic and can be fatal as in the case of the recent incident that happened in Mumbai where there was a false alarm related to the falling of the bridge which caused panic and many deaths.

The idea is to use the Raspberry Pi Zero W along with the accelerometer sensors connected at many hotspots underneath the bridge to measure the vibrations in no load state and the vibrations at full load stage. Due to wear and tear this vibrations will vary over the course of time and when it is below a sudden threshold a notification will be sent. The Hologram Nova Cellular USB Modem will be used for sending the bridge structural health data to the cloud at regular intervals for analysis and machine learning to allow for early detection and timely prevention. 


Submitted on Oct 28, 2017 at 6:49 AM.
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Bike navigation ersflkzijd

Navigation Expert - NAVIC ("navigator" in Sanskrit)

By 1 Ateetraj Kulshrestha

Bicycles/MotorCycles/Scooters have always been a great way to get around the city, but they come with challenges. Getting lost could make you frustrated, late and even unsafe. Finding your way often meant regularly stopping to check maps or asking some random peoples on the road for directions.

This will be an intuitive, navigation device designed to put the bicycling/motorcycling masses back in control of their journey. It will make your ride simpler, safer and gives you freedom to explore along the way. It will have a locking system to ensure it stays permanently on your handlebar to assist you when you need it. The intuitive navigation system shows you the quickest, safest routes to your destination. Automatic tracking capabilities save your biking metrics seamlessly. The powerful front light illuminates your path at night. And when you’re not around, it will keep your bike safe from thieves. This is the smart biking system you’ve been waiting for. It will find the quickest, safest routes to make your ride a stress-free experience. Input the destination on your Smartphone, tuck it safely in your pocket and let it take care of the rest. It will also protect your bike form thieves and help you track it in case it is stolen.


Components to be used:-

Raspberry Pi Zero W, the Nova Cellular USB Modem, GPS Module, OLED or RGB LED Display, Accelerometer (for tamper alert), Buzzer, LED Lights, Battery



  • Navigation system:Get turn-by-turn navigation straight on your handlebars.
  • Automatic Tracking: Track your bike from anywhere in the world and track it in real-time. You can request the location of your bike at any time, regardless of whether it was stolen or not.
  • LED Smart Lights: Controlled remotely and automatically with the app. You never have to worry about biking in the dark again. You don't even need to think about turning the light on or off. It will automatically turn on the lights when sun sets and you start your ride. When your ride is finished it will turn off the lights.
  • Alarm System:Let's put an end to bike theft. The in-built motion sensor makes sure that any persistent meddling with your sacred two-wheeler triggers an alarm. Thieves be warned. Also you will receive a message if someone unauthorized is moving your bicycle.
  • Safe Zones: Using the app you will also be able to create Safe Zones around frequently visited locations on the map and your loved ones can get notified through SMS/emails and app whenever the bike leave or enter that zones.


This will be a great device for Delivery Boys (Courier, Pizza, Food, etc).

Submitted on Oct 28, 2017 at 6:40 AM.
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Cloud observation yhuynvvrf2

Clouds Observatory IoT device for smart cities

By 0de7967692f34d9eeadc620543a34945 Karthick

Air pollution is the major problem caused by the industries, vehicles, factories, forest fire, burning plastics, etc. The pollutants released from these sources are mixed in atmosphere and cause the clouds to pollute. Clouds are the source to rain and help to bring water and food. When clouds are polluted we cannot get the expected rainfall which leads to over flooding or droughts. So there is a need to make observation on clouds and identify their health status to take necessary preservatives.

The Raspberry Pi Zero W has on-board CSI camera interface to connect camera and used to record the cloud passing with that we can check the cloud health whether they are polluted or fresh and what type they are. Micro SD card to store the recorded data at remote area where there is poor cellular connectivity, HAT-compatible 40-pin GPIOs can used to interface additional sensors like sun radiation meter, light intensity meter, stepper, servo motors for protecting it from direct sun radiation and point to the clouds direction. On-board GPIOs can be used to interface sensors temperature, humidity, pressure, etc and actuators switches, relays, etc. The video and audio processing can perform faster with 1GHz, single-core CPU. Nova Cellular USB Modem has Global 2G/3G cellular coverage features enable to transfer data to anywhere in the globe.

Cloud observatory in hilly area, complex terrain gives the idea on how the pollutants are interacting with clouds. The observatory can give the features of cloud and their motions. The size in special and temporal, texture, colour and motion of clouds can be calculated easily. The Raspberry Pi Zero W and Nova Cellular USB Modem pair devices can be used to monitor cloud features. The monitoring clouds can be used to study and calculate the sun radiation budget, sun light for solar energy, rain forecasting, level of pollutants concentration, etc. This information helps the industries to harvest solar energy and for farmers in agriculture. So Cloud observatory plays an important role and comes with innovative design using the Raspberry Pi Zero W and Nova Cellular USB devices due to their on-board salient features.

Submitted on Oct 28, 2017 at 6:37 AM.
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Use dyzgiifmcn

Smart Locker

By 538c524122d50fdfe87105af14259ca7 Tabin Shaikh

Smart locker is an ultimate step to safe keeping. It uses IOT as a communication platform between the owner and his guarded wealth in the smart safe.
It uses 3 stages of security :
1) Firstly being the jumbled sequence of the OSK the jumbled sequence of your typical passcode , leaves the passcode untraceable of any way of physical hacking due to left traces on the screen or any possible way.
2) Second stage ,comes in action when the passcode entered has surpassed the limit of errors (3 times straight wrong passcode ),it sends the registered user a warning message via GSM module.
3) Third stage is the LOCK DOWN stage when the registered user denies access to the locker through GSM module through his phone using an app ,the locker then goes on a lock cool down for 30 minutes and a THEFT message for the nearby police station (security authority)

Submitted on Oct 28, 2017 at 6:34 AM.
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Train passengers 9c49o4juhd

IoT Interactive train passenger status and emergency request system

By 2a897a3974e2197213daa60d8bdaf285 Sateesh

In trains we are evident to most of the embarrassing situations like women harassment, co-passengers inconvenient behavior, emergency exit at no stopping stations, occupying senior citizen and physically disabled persons seat, robbery, rude behavior, damaging the railway property, mishandling the emergency tools and etc. There are CC cameras in the advanced trains like metro, bullet trains but in local and regional trains they were not yet installed. CC cameras are used to identify the misbehavior and it takes time to trace out the culprit. But we need at instant t solving issue technology other than recording; verifying and taking action is a slow process by the time culprit may escape.

Proposed solution:

CC cameras are used to record the action going on; it will be hard to take live action because for culprits there is a chance to escape. If there is an interactive camera with emergency press button we can request for help to the event happening in the trains. For example in reality game shows big boss in India, Big brother in Australia participants interact with big boos to express their feelings. In similar way we need to set an interactive IoT CCC camera to express the feelings of a person in case of emergency. In case of harassment, seat occupancy we can request for railway police help to handle the situation. In emergency case like heart attack, unconsciousness of co-passenger we can request to arrange the ambulance services before reaching the station. It can also helpful to take interactive first aid from railway doctors through this IoT interactive Train passenger status and emergency request device design. This will be an innovative thing to help passengers from various issues arise in the trains. The camera should be installed in each any every compartment in train.


The Raspberry Pi Zero W has on-board 802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN, Bluetooth 4.1, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), CSI camera interface, MicroSD card with NOOBS to store the recorded data when signal is lost, HAT-compatible 40-pin GPIOs to connected sensors and actuators, Mini HDMI and USB On-The-Go ports to display, it can perform faster with 1GHz, single-core CPU and Nova cellular USB modem with its simplest plug-and-play modem for instant connectivity and simple, secure data messaging can connect to send or receive data remotely with wireless. Nova Cellular USB Modem has Global 2G/3G cellular coverage (unlocked), u.FL Antenna Connector, Nano SIM card holder, UART GPIO Pads these features enable to transfer data to anywhere in the globe. Hologram Nova global 3G/2G cellular modem when paired with Raspberry Pi Zero W can control the camera position and direction using stepper motor interface to GPIO pins, record data if the signal is lost it can save in SD card, Switches, Mic, LEDs are also interfaced to the Pi GPIO pins. CSI camera interface can used to connect he camera and display to on-board HDMI port to interact with the authorities.


With this IoT Interactive train passenger status and emergency request system passengers fell happy and can avoid various emergency situations in different circumstances on pre-request. As I have hands-on experience with raspberry Pi to interface camera and processing video we can build this IoT interactive device and can propose to install in the new trains by showcasing this project. In my opinion this interactive device can help the passengers in emergency situations to take first aid with the help of co-passengers and on-line railway doctors before arrival to the next station. The timely first aid action can save life which is important to our mankind.

Submitted on Oct 28, 2017 at 6:34 AM.
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By 12401a18af77f67091f95afc0b0522b9 PRATYUSHA

lets take the example of controlling air conditioner using IoT. 

if its a very hot and sunny day and i am returning home then using my mobile phone i can operate the air conditioner at my home. i will be having a application in my mobile with will be programmed as per my home appliance requirement.so using that application i can control all the electrical appliances at my place. we will be using GPRS modem to send and receive the commands.

so using the mobile phone in which the application is installed i can directly send the ON command for the air conditioner using GPRS so that its gets ON and the room is cooled till the time i reach home. i can see in the application whether my command is received n implemented by GPRS or not.

this is one of the best way to use IoT in our day to day life and make our living a simple one.

Submitted on Oct 28, 2017 at 6:19 AM.
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2016 mosque digital shia azan clock led jpg 350x350 ojwbrbbjbf

Prayer Timings

By 8accc3959fde3311c8f3a01cfc2c4ea8 Irfan Landge

In today's fast moving world, people have to travel to different places for their work, or their relatives home or for leisure. They end up not knowing the prayer timings at the nearby mosque around their place of visit and end up missing the prayer altogether. My proposed idea would utilize the Raspberry Pi Zero W with the Hologram Nova Cellular USB Modem wired up to the daily prayer timing display which is present in that mosque. Whenever the cheif in charge of the mosque changes the prayer timings, automatically that prayer time will be relayed to the cloud. Since data is only being sent when change occurs, unncessary bandwidth will not be wasted. This idea will be cellular based allowing for connection of the mosque in various locations where nearby WiFi network may not be available. An app will be developed to allow a user to find the mosque near to their location and see the prayer timings related to each of the nearby mosque. 

Prayer timings API cannot be used because they are not dynamic since many mosque change their timings above or below the main fixed timing so this proposed model eliminate the guesses and provide accurate information.

Submitted on Oct 28, 2017 at 6:11 AM.
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Bfc8a3f9a352ea9f451a2822f5b0a6ad xl fwudou0bkr

Connected Bus

By 8e87e99a3dbe904aea6e86228f33f803 Hannan Satopay

The bus commuters usually face the problem of not knowing when the bus will arrive. The road commuters face the traffic problems. An effective solution will be to use the road lifeline of the country, the bus, due to its presence throughout the country.

The idea is to connect the bus the cloud by placing the proposed IoT device on top of the bus which could help in tracking that particular bus through the use of GPS, provide real-time traffic updates, sense the weather and convey it to the general public and the meteorological department to improve the accuracy, detect potholes due to change in acceleration and other sensor readings thereby effectively improving the quality of living. The cloud connection will be provided through the Hologram Nova Cellular USB Modem connected to the Raspberry Pi Zero W. In this application, Hologram Nova Cellular USB Modem very well fits in due to the fact that the cellular network will be available throughout the routes while the WiFi network will not be able to be used due to limited coverage and range.

The commuters can use their phone to check the real-time bus arrival timings and other details to be well informed and simultaneously through the detection of potholes and the overall weather, the government can make important decisions. 

Since there is a lot of bus following different routes and working almost all day, a very good and crucial data will be generated on a daily basis to allow for more accurate data for machine learning and data analysis.


Submitted on Oct 28, 2017 at 5:39 AM.
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2015 01 02 19 26 07 arovakulu8

Aquaculture Management System

By 58bc0211cefb69a00bb40cf5f64fdd69 James Dittrich

We are building a Web-connected freshwater quality sensor array based around Raspberry Pi for aquaculture applications, which can also be used to monitor the overall health of community rivers and lakes.  We hope to supplement mandated testing from the EPA and other state and local governmental organizations.

At minimum, the sensors should be able to measure and store temperature, dissolved Oxygen, and pH.  We want to build the system around lowest possible minimum cost, yet modular enough to interchange sensor packages for both fixed-position applications such as boom arms, as well as mounted to autonomous land-based and submersible robots.  

Using cellular and/or WiFi Internet connectivity, the sensors can report measurements back to a cloud-based database for storage and analysis, as well as a user-friendly RESTful service with a frontend component using d3.js for charting.  WiFi can be propagated via resilient ad hoc OLSR2 mesh nodes and carried long distances via directional yagi antennas.  Cellular connections can serve as gateways in remote areas.  Each robot in a team can serve as either a wireless mesh repeater or gateway node to transmit data back to the cloud.  Additionally, robots can receive new instructions or sets of mission parameters via dynamic DNS hostnames assigned to the Raspberry Pi.

The above photo depicts a remote ssh interactive Ruby (irb) running on a Raspberry Pi outputting realtime sensor data collected using the Modbus protocol.

Submitted on Oct 28, 2017 at 5:34 AM.
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Agronova rkduu7f9wq


By 9b8ee67d22372815f1563a3208bbc7fd tBStar

This project will focus on building BLE powered sensors (Peripherals) that can sense the surrounding environment and provide constant feed to the Raspberry PI Zero W (Central).
Thanks to the Nova module because it will allow this IoT system to be deployed out in the field so that the RPI can upload sensor readings to the cloud for analytics. In doing so, the data collected can be studied to prevent deceases, maximize production and real-time crop growth and much more. The possibilities are endless.

Thank you for your consideration.

Submitted on Oct 28, 2017 at 4:56 AM.
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