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Smart Kitchen

By Df7574b7b0cc5d0622313624cdb1869b edisontkp

Smart Kitchen is designed to detect LPG gas leakage and stock management system. The stock management is used to restock the ingredient and kitchen stuffs by pressing hexiwear with choosing the wanted stocks to alert suppliers via mobile app. The kitchen is hazardous zone in a house due to LPG gas cylinder for cooking, so that we need to keep track of kitchen condition based on air monitoring. Therefore, the hexiwear is used to stick on the kitchen wall.

Submitted on Jul 16, 2016 at 5:51 AM.
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By Df7574b7b0cc5d0622313624cdb1869b edisontkp

SafeSenses is designed for industrial workers due to their working environment, where is hazardous zone. They need the device to detect the environment and their health condition. The device can detect every hazardous conditions, such as poison air, high pressure, radiation, high temperature, etc, for environment. The workers are needed to keep track their health condition due to hazardous environment and might causing uncomfortable for workers.

Submitted on Jul 16, 2016 at 5:13 AM.
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By Df7574b7b0cc5d0622313624cdb1869b edisontkp

KidGuard is designed to educate and remind kids to manage the time to complete their tasks in daily life. Parents can remotely remind and schedule their kids' time and monitor their kids' behaviours. Besides that, there is app  for parents to control the watch that push tasks to their kids. The watch can used to detect kids' condition about mental, such as sick, fear, etc. So that, parents can monitor their kids' health too with this watch. The data is collected during using the system and project statistic for giving suggestions to their parents to enhance their kids' life.   

Submitted on Jul 16, 2016 at 5:04 AM.
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Pokemon go plus w strap 502x500


By Df7574b7b0cc5d0622313624cdb1869b edisontkp

PokeWear is for pokemon go player to detect wanted pokemon nearby without keeping on the phone screen by using GPS. The device has voice assistant and vibrator with phone to assist player to reduce looking on screen of phone. Besides that, the device is detecting hazardous environment by using sensors to keep players in safe.   

Submitted on Jul 16, 2016 at 4:49 AM.
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Emergency Alert and Monitor

By 06d19dd6364307c800ed325b60f76057 Daniel Sinderson

This project would make use of the optical heart rate sensor, accelerometer, and IoT capabilities embedded in the Hexiwear open source platform. It would monitor heart rate for irregularities or potentially injurious surges and monitor the accelerometer for trips, stumbles, and sharp falls. If any of these events occurred, the Hexiwear would automatically send a message to a user-defined emergency contact. The user could save several predefined messages and recipients for those messages based on the severity and type of event. Two stretch goals would be to integrate this functionality with more general, non-emergency, bio-metric data analysis capabilities and the ability to manually send a variety of messages should help be desired in a difficult, but non-emergency situation. The idea came from my wife's grandparents, who like to work in their sloped yard and, by doing so, stress out the rest of the family with thoughts of potential falls and over-exertion.

Submitted on Jul 16, 2016 at 4:43 AM.
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High-end Bike Speed Meter

By 05e8c3c49bcda5b3396a39500078ccba Pedro Valladares R.

In this idea I'm going to build a bike speed meter, where I will take advantages of the benefits and features of the Hexiwear.

In this project I will use all of the hardware specs taking advantage of a complete device:

  • MCU: NXP K64 MCU 
  • BLE
  • 3D Accelerometer and 3D Magnetometer
  • 3-Axis Digital Gyroscope
  • Absolute Digital Pressure sensor
  • 600 mA Single-cell Li-Ion/Li-Polymer Battery Charger
  • Light-to-digital converter
  • Digital humidity and temperature sensor
  • Heart-rate sensor
  • 1.1” full color OLED display 
  • Haptic feedback engine 
  • 190 mAh 2C Li-Po battery 
  • Capacitive touch interface 
  • RGB LED 
  • 8 MB of additional Flash memory

I will use every hardware specs and develop a program code in NXP Kinetis SDK.

Using a magnet and the magnetometer sensor i will read the signals of it and calculate the speed of the bike, sending this information to a Smartphone using the Wireless-Bluetooth-Click or the BTE that is inside the Hexiwear make a menu on the display of the Hexiwear and show on it the speed.

What will be shown on the Hexiwear Smart Phone APP?

It will show a setting menu of the measures bicycle giving the performance of a high-speed meter range and it will measure and show acurate information for example:

  • Cadence: the pacer is a highly recommended feature.
  • Heart rate monitor: Basic to monitor performance.
  • calories: interesting for those trying to lose weight.
  • Altimeter: the odometer for bike with altimeter are very useful in measuring mountain paths slopes.
  • Pending: The inclinometer to measure the slope or incline.
  • GPS: The GPS odometer for bike paths allow presetting and remain located at all times, and record the path for later knocked over the computer.
  • Compass: it is helpful in mountain bike tours.
  • Temperature: a thermometer is very convenient to select clothes.
  • Computer Connection: allows PC data dump to travel, both geographical and physical, for further processing, as well as introducing the device tracks the planned route

Every featur can be convered with the Hexiwear with none one else sensor only using a magnet to read speed with the magnetomer.


Submitted on Jul 16, 2016 at 4:23 AM.
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Hexiwear Running Assistant

By 57edc89fd72f289d03fa76a39254a3e3 Stefan Pardau

The idea behind this project came to me while trying to figure out ways to improve my performances while running. One of the biggest problems I encountered was that I couldn't keep a perfect rythm in order to complete a track in a desired time.

An idea that came to mind was a smartwatch that could, besides keeping track of my heartrate, speed, distance or calories consumed, help me keep my rythm using haptic feedback.

Basically, I want to use Hexiwear to schedule vibrations of variable frequencies over a finite period of time. This way, running could be synchronised with the vibrations and anyone could easily use this solution to set their warm-up times or when to run at full speed.

Moreover, Hexiwear would be used as a normal smart running watch that keeps track of and logs your activity.

Other implementations would include bluetooth connection with a smartphone to share or further use this data or even use cloud support services such as Microsoft Azure to connect and upload your data to the cloud once you are in range with your home wireless router.

Submitted on Jul 15, 2016 at 9:26 PM.
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By Photo Andrew Teasdale

I have seen first-hand the differing approaches parents take to raising a new baby. Some parents prefer an entirely baby-led approach whereas other parents attempt to find patterns in their infant’s behaviour to more fully understand their new-born child’s needs and better schedule their own time. Traditional pen-and-paper and more modern app-based approaches to this search for patterns requires a significant degree of commitment from parents and suffers from our human desire to extract patterns from data when often none exist.

BabyLog provides parents with a seamless way to monitor a new child’s activities to remove this headache. Ambient conditions are monitored using the on-board temperature, humidity, pressure and light sensors. Additional sensors (a microphone and motion sensor) provide the traditional functions of a baby monitor but also allow the system to log sleep patterns. Users can log other activities (such as nappy changes) using the capacative buttons on the front of the Hexiwear unit. A force sensor can also be added to allow nappies to be weighed to help track hydration.

All data is logged to WolfSense for later viewing, either online of via the accompanying mobile application. Data is analysed in the cloud and crucial insights provided by the system, such as ‘your baby sleeps best when the temperature is below 21°C’ or ‘your baby is shortly due a nap’. Guesswork and frustration is replaced by a data-driven approach – and, one hopes, a happier baby.

Submitted on Jul 15, 2016 at 9:25 PM.
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Hexi-cycle by Hexiwear

By 432151 158864077583659 876711136 n Clement Martins

   Whether you just joy ride or compete in cycling events, you can use Hexi-cycle attached to your favorite bicycle to:

  • Measure the time you are on the go moving.
  • Count the number of revolutions on the front wheel to measure tire wear and distance.
  • Measure the ruggedness of that bike trail you traversed.
  • And log the event to your phone for post activity fun and amaze your friend.

  Using your Hexi-cycle can act as a compass traking the route you took from start to finish. Later using the GPS off the phone app at the start and end, a Google map can be made showing the course, distance, and elevation with timing of the course. Each stopping point can be marked as a wayward point marking progress.Thanks to Hexiwear cycling can be fun and more informative to your daily exercise. And I plan on using the front wheel .

Submitted on Jul 15, 2016 at 8:46 PM.
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By 472d72d5d339216c9b82f1d560ebc7d3 Subhashini

The idea I have chosen is to make the jobs of athletic coaches easy in a way that they can recognize talented athletes.

The running speed of the each of the athletes calculated using the accelerometer of the Hexicoach is sent to athletic coach via cloud during the practice session . This helps the coach to compare and review the potential of the athletes and help those who need to progress more by means of feedback.

The heart rate sensor can also sense if the athlete is sick while running or is about to faint and can inform the coach immediately.

Submitted on Jul 15, 2016 at 6:32 PM.
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G.C.T(Grandpaa's Care Taker)

By 1ec51bb9a45ee05e1c979e3109504d7c sarthak aneja

Suppose you live in a nuclear family and your parents live at the countryside ; or you are out of the station and your grand father is alone in the house . Now in this case if you have to see that your grand father is feeling well or not and to check whether your grand father is taking medicine in time or not , then the G.C.T.(Grand paa Care Taker) watch will help you to finding this .

Care Taking Features

The heart Beat Sensor in hexiwear finds the heart beat and then the reading is transferred to cloud then to mobile. Heart beat will tell us that pulse of the grand paa is normally working or not.

The Body Temperature Sensor will help us to determine the temperature and tells us that he is having fever or not. By the same procedure the temperature reading is taken by the temperature sensor, then to cloud and after that to the mobile.

Now if you have to check that whether he has taken medicine or not; make an I.R. emitter of specific frequency, fit it on the pill bottle medicine kit , and then fit the I.R. receiver on the medicine kit after that decade the frequency on the hexiwear. Now when he will go to take the pill the I.R. receiver will receive the I.R. raise and then upload the command like “ pill taken “ etc. to the cloud and after that from cloud to the mobile.

App for the same, the each of the thing or reading that will be brought from the cloud will be shown on the app made with respect to this project.


Submitted on Jul 15, 2016 at 5:29 PM.
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Speaking and Hearing disability Aid

By 4723fc8a7b6b30785a22ee71d8089a89 Sanskriti

Hello, everyone I am Sanskruti Shukla and I want to tell one incident about my two friends. Where I live their are
my two friends , one is deff and the other is dumn. One day a normal person
comes to my friend (the friend who is deff) and ask something, the normal person did not that my friend is deff
and he kept on asking questions again and again and after that,that person went. Same was the case with
my other friend the only difference is that he is dumn. He had gone to an important conference, in that conference a
girl ask a question from my friend but he did not replied because he can't speak, everyone was laughing on him and
that conference was very important for my friend when that girl again asked the question from him he did not replied
again because he dont want to loose his self respect by uttering disabled words I felt very bad for both of my friends, at that point of time an
idea came in my mind to make S.H.D.(speaking and hearing disability watch).

Now by using Hexiwear IOT development kit I will make a wearable device that acts as an interpreter between disabled
and a normal person. For the people who cant hear, This is how Hexiwear will work :-

1.) In the case of the person who cant hear :-
* a normal person will speak to the person who cant hear,the person did not know that the person by whom he is
asking question cannot speak when the person ask any question, hexiwear listens to the speech and then converts it into a text
which will be shown on the Hexiwear after that it will be easily read by the person and he will be able to reply.
2.) In the case of the person who cant speak :-
* a normal person comes to the person who cannot speak, he ask something to the person who cannot speak. In this
case the person who is dumn will make gestures in his hands and then Hexiwear recognizes it after that Hexiwear
searches the pattern in its code and after searching it plays the M.P.3 voice respectively.

Submitted on Jul 15, 2016 at 5:20 PM.
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