Things used in this project

Hardware components:
Adafruit FONA
2000 mAH Battery
Texas Instruments TPS63031
Atmel ATMEGA328p
MAXIM DS1339 Real Time Clock
2G SIM and GPRS Data Plan (6mo/5Gb/$42)
Osh park
OSH Park Custom fabricated PCB

Custom parts and enclosures

EAGLE Files for Cellular Data Logger Board
These are the EAGLE files for the custom circuit board and schematic.
FONA Data Logger Board v2.brd
EAGLE Schematic File
FONA Data Logger Board v2.sch


OSHPark Board Design
You can order these boards directly form OSHPark
Bill of Materials
The parts you need to build the custom board (plus the stuff in the list above)
Bill of Materials.csv
Circuit Diagram
Screen%20shot%202015 05 22%20at%205.01.12%20pm
Board Layout
Screen%20shot%202015 05 22%20at%205.01.02%20pm


Sample Code for FONA and Ubidots
Load with Arduino IDE


Img 20140919 080037
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