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Hackster as a private label

Integrate the dynamic Hackster experience as a white label within your own website, providing users with the ability to upload projects, share content, and connect to your products.

Import your existing project library into our template and converge your entire collection of getting started guides, tutorials, professional tips, teardowns, and more. One library, one location – keeping your community innovating seamlessly.

What's Included

Website Integration

Allow users to reach your community on Hackster without ever leaving your site.

Data Analytics

Gain useful insights into visitors, activities, participation, new projects, respects, and a lot more.

Project Showcase

Increase interest in your products by promoting the innovative projects others have created with them.

Customized Categories

Add custom filters and dropdown menus for your favorite products, topics or other possible highlights that matter to you most.

Customized Branding

Tailor your community's experience on Hackster to match that of your own site.

Single Sign-On

Hackster supports SSO for easy user authentication and a single set of login credentials to access your projects gallery.

Choose The Tier That Best Fits Your Needs

Tier 1: StarterTier 2: Pro
Import of existing projects/products
Phone/Email support
Custom Domain
Custom Categories (Products, Topics, Etc.)
Branded Design
Micro Galleries
Micro:bit ExampleArduino Example

Gallery examples

API integration examples


$5,000 | Annual Fee
$20,000 | Annual Fee
Single Sign-On
$10,000 | One Time Fee

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