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AllJoyn® is a collaborative, open-source software framework that makes it easy for developers to write applications that can discover nearby devices, and communicate with each other directly regardless of brands, categories, transports, and OSes without the need of the cloud. The AllJoyn framework is extremely flexible with many features to help make the vision of the Internet of Things come to life.

Proximal Network

The AllJoyn framework handles the complexities of discovering nearby devices, creating sessions between devices, and communicating securely between those devices. It abstracts out the details of the physical transports and provides a simple-to-use API. Multiple connection session topologies are supported, including point-to-point and group sessions. The security framework is flexible, supporting many mechanisms and trust models. And the types of data transferred are also flexible, supporting raw sockets or abstracted objects with well-defined interfaces, methods, properties, and signals.


One of the defining traits of the AllJoyn framework is its inherent flexibility.
It was designed to run on multiple platforms, ranging from small embedded RTOS platforms to full-featured OSes. It supports multiple language bindings and transports. And since the AllJoyn framework is open-source, this flexibility can be extended further in the future to support even more transports, bindings, and features.

Connected Clock Radio
  • 37,991
  • 106

Full instructions

An internet connected clock radio device

Garage Door powered by Win10, AllJoyn and Raspberry Pi
  • 9,851
  • 35

Full instructions

Operate ad get statistics about your garage door using a Raspberry Pi with Win 10 IoT.

AllJoyn/AutoRemote Garage Door Control Win10 IoT
  • 2,736
  • 10

Garage door control using a PiFace Digital 2 and Raspberry Pi 2 running Windows 10 IoT via AllJoyn/AutoRemote/IFTTT/Adafruit IO.

Discovering and interacting with any AllJoyn device
  • 3,315
  • 14


Learn how to discover any arbitrary Alljoyn device and run code against it without using predefined Introspection.xml.

AllJoyn Weather Hub
  • 4,125
  • 15

Work in progress

See home and outdoor information (Temperature, Humidity, Pressure etc.) at any Windows 10 device any time via Rpi2 and AllJoyn.

Controlling IoT Devices with AllJoyn from Minecraft
  • 1,743
  • 16


Create an immersive experience by integrating your IoT (Internet of Things) devices with video games. Virtual worlds can control real things

Controlling your Philips Hue bulbs with AllJoyn
  • 6,606
  • 17


Use a Device System Bridge for Philips Hue to expose your lightbulbs as AllJoyn Lighting Service Framework devices.

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