DHT11  Sensor with LEDs and a Piezo Speaker
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An Arduino Uno with DHT11 sensor module, three LEDs and a Piezo speaker.

Bar Graph
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Ten LEDs connected to an Arduino Uno and a potentiometer.

The Traffic Light
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Three LEDs: green, yellow and red that create a traffic light.

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 Matei Tudose hasn't replicated any projects yet.

Arduino + Vixen + School = Awesome Christmas Light Show!
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Last year I did an awesome Christmas light show at my school using only a few Arduinos and a program called Vixen Lights.

Automated Garden
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Gardening is a very long term project taking a little time every day. Why not automate it?

What to Wear? Twitter Button
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Push a button to receive a message on Twitter for what to wear that day.

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  • Bar Graph 11 days ago

    Thanks a lot ! I will make more projects.

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