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Taurus is a friendly, easy and great internet of things platform. It allows anyone to connect their things to the internet and manage them.

Users can upload data to actuators and get data from sensors to interact with something remotely.

Graphs and a history of actions made by users or sensors are available for easy management.

To get a SERIAL and free access to the platform, send an e-mail to: alfatech@inatel.br!

Visit www.taurussystem.com and let's get started!

IPv6 IoT Network - 6LowPAN/Contiki/RPL
  • 2,862
  • 17


Build a full IPv6 network using MOMOTE Hardware running ContikiOS.

Taurus Platform and DragonBoard - Digital Actuator
  • 132
  • 2


Turn on/off a what you want connected to DragonBoard using Taurus.

Texas LaunchPad CC3200 - Accelerometer/Temp + Taurus IOT
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Full instructions

Send data from sensors coupled to Texas Instruments LaunchPad CC3200 board to an internet of things platform.

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