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Arduino to Excel using V-USB

Log 6 analog and 8 digital pins from Arduino Uno simultaneously in Excel.


Parts you will need

Description Vendor Unit price Qty Total cost
* polyfuse Newark $0.23 1 $0.23
** 1K8 Ohm Newark $0.02 1 $0.02
68 Ohm Newark $0.04 2 $0.08
1N5227B Zener 3.6V Newark $0.02 2 $0.03
USB connector eBay $0.30 1 $0.30
Your Existing Arduino You $0.00 1 $0.00
Total cost $0.65


* The polyfuse is optional and not shown in the reference schematic for V-USB, but I strongly recommend it.  Your PC USB port can only supply a reasonable amount of medium-current for the Arduino and the polyfuse will protect should you short something by accident.

** The value of this resistor varies from reference design to reference design.  The value shown in the Parts List is the value that I have found to work adequately.

The test interface built by rancidbacon, the Arduino library required, and his notes can be found here: 

If you need help to install the library, please see:

More projects and support forum for V-USB is here:

Sample output and format of the Arduino as seen on the USB port:
DIGITAL 3L 6L 7L 8H 9H 10H 11H 12H

Arduino Uno code (Atmega328P)

Download USB_HID_AnalogX6_D8.ino


With the Arduino Leonardo, HID keyboard was brought into the forefront of Arduino usage.  Essentially, once programmed, the Leonardo can act as a keyboard on the PC USB port and send "keystrokes" to the PC which applications think are coming from the primary attached keyboard.  In fact, both the primary keyboard and the virtual keyboard are active!

But there is another, inexpensive, and cross platform way (I have used this with WindowsOS:XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and with OS X) to get Arduino keystrokes into an application.  This project is simple and uses a library written by an Arduino Forum member which makes the implementation a breeze.  My code will show a very simple implementation of using the library.  I wrote an Excel spreadsheet with formulas to show how flexible this implementation can be: 8 digital channels and 6 analog channels are displayed repeatedly in Excel to create a very unique data-logger.

This is both a fun project and a useful project to understand the power of V-USB with older Arduino and homemade board-duinos which would benefit from USB input to the PC for logging purposes.


V-USB Reference Design

Excel spreadsheet for HID-Arduino example


Created on 2014-01-16
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Comments and feedback

Johan Nijsse
Johan Nijsse

It looks great! I connected Arduino to Excel with a VBA macro (Selmaware PLX-DAQ). Can I contact Ray Burnette to ask him some questions about this project?

6 months ago
Ray Burnette
Ray Burnette

Johan, please refer to http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=135623.0 and if that does not answer your questions, I will attempt to answer there.

6 months ago
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Arduino to Excel using V-USB

Arduino to Excel using V-USB

by Ray Burnette

Log 6 analog and 8 digital pins from Arduino Uno simultaneously in Excel.

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